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  • Staten Island Drivers Receive Tickets at Fake Traffic Sign

    For a brief time in November of 2016, a traffic sign prohibiting left hand turns popped up in the Staten Island intersection of Arden and Woodrow. The only problem? The sign was a fake. This fact, however, did not stop local police from issuing tickets to drivers who, disregarding the sign, made left hand turns. Locals familiar with the area’s traffic rules began to contact city officials and the ...
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  • Know Your Rights at a Four-Way Stop

    Despite four-way traffic stops being a common part of the average driver’s commute, many people have forgotten how to navigate them. We’ve all come to one of these stops only to tentatively inch forward, unsure of who has the right-of-way. Sometimes, a driver will waive cars through despite it being clear that it was really their turn to go. With so many misconceptions of how to approach these ...
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  • Types of Improper Turns in New York

    In New York, there are state laws that govern driving procedures. Whether a driver is turning right, turning left, or making a u-turn, there are certain regulations that must be followed when making each type of turn. Failure to follow these rules could result in a traffic ticket if the driver is caught by a police officer or traffic camera. Some of the tickets that can be given for improper turns ...
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