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  • Drag Racing Reports in Washington Heights

    In Washington Heights, New York, a neighborhood of Manhattan, residents are starting to become worried by a rapidly-growing problem. It seems that there, more than anywhere else in the Big Apple, reckless drag racers are taking to the streets for regular and illegal competitions late in the night. In particular, they seem to be blasting down a stretch of road directly adjacent to a high school and ...
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  • Red Means Go for New York Drivers

    In New York, stop lights may not mean as much as they once did. A recent study performed by Hunter College revealed the tendency of New Yorkers to run red lights with a frequency that is downright scary. By observing more than 4,300 motorists at 50 random intersections throughout the New York Boroughs for over a month, researchers found that nearly one in 10 drivers in NYC runs red lights. Cab ...
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  • How Can a Reckless Driving Ticket Hurt My Record?

    Reckless driving seems like something out of the movies or car commercials, but law enforcement in New York City is by no means hesitant in issuing tickets for such behavior. Even something you might not consider to be reckless is often considered dangerous by police and will leave you stuck with a hefty fine and a tarnished record. But how does a ticket like this one hurt your record? The ...
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