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  • Red Means Go for New York Drivers

    In New York, stop lights may not mean as much as they once did. A recent study performed by Hunter College revealed the tendency of New Yorkers to run red lights with a frequency that is downright scary. By observing more than 4,300 motorists at 50 random intersections throughout the New York Boroughs for over a month, researchers found that nearly one in 10 drivers in NYC runs red lights. Cab ...
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  • Caught on Camera? Fighting Your Red Light Violation

    New York City has hundreds of thousands of red light cameras installed on various streets, all for the purpose of catching offenders and penalizing them for their violation. Unfortunately, many drivers feel that these tickets are invalid because the cameras might not tell the full story. Even if you did receive a ticket in the mail for a red light violation caught on camera, there may be hope for ...
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  • City Sued Over Short Yellow Signals

    New York City – A lawsuit has been filed against the City of New York over the city's yellow signals. Three men ticketed by the city's traffic cameras are claiming the city's yellow signals are shorter than the law allows them to be. According to the complaint filed in the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan, the city's traffic lights that change to red are displaying yellow for less than ...
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