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  • New York to Crackdown on Distracted Driving in Operation Hang Up

    April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month and the State of New York has not been shy about its intent to participate. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently announced that from April 10 th to 15 th , the state will be increasing its effort to catch distracted drivers. At the top of their list of offenders to watch for: drivers using smartphones. As part of “Operation Hang Up”, law ...
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  • NY Police Officers on a Mission to End Texting While Driving

    New Yorkers are glued to their phones and behind the wheel it is no different. Texting while driving tickets increased by 50 percent last year in all five boroughs, due to increased penalties and heightened enforcement. In 2014, nearly 50,000 drivers in New York City received a ticket for using their phone. A year prior, that number barely tipped 30,000. Distracted driving is a problem throughout ...
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  • NYPD Issues Over 5,000 Tickets After 2-Day Crackdown on Distracted Driving; Results of 2-Day Speeding Crackdown Pending

    Last week, the New York Police Department (NYPD) conducted a two-day crackdown on distracted driving and on failing to yield to pedestrians. The results of the crackdown came in on May 20: the police force issued 5,258 tickets over two 24-hour periods. According to an article by CBS New York , the traffic ticket breakdown was as follows: 2,938 for using a cellphone while driving 1,254 for failure ...
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  • New Text-and-Drive Law Brings Harsher Penalties for Young and New Drivers

    Governor Andrew Cuomo has just raised the stakes for texting and driving for individuals who have little experience behind the wheel. The governor has just signed a law that brings stricter penalties for this offense for junior and probationary driver’s license holders, according to a July 1 New York Post article . While this law largely targets teenage drivers, older drivers who have just ...
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  • Governor Publicizes Crackdown on Texting & Driving

    The Department of Motor Vehicles in New York is cracking down on texting while driving and increasing the penalties for this driving offense. The penalty for texting and driving was three points off of an individual's driver's license but Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that it is now going to be five points off a person's driver's license starting this past Saturday June 1, 2013. This punishment ...
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  • Texting while Driving... A 'Primary Offense' in the State of New York

    In July 2011, texting while driving became illegal in the State of New York. Since then, almost 25,000 tickets have been handed out to drivers who were writing / reading texts while driving. Before this law passed, a police officer could have been watching you use your phone while driving and could legally do nothing. Then, they still needed another reason to pull you over. This is no longer the ...
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