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  • Traffic Court Judge Ordered to Attend Anger Management

    Being issued with a traffic citation and having to appear in traffic court can be an intimidating situation. If the judge is abrasive and unreasonable, this only makes the situation worse. According to many people who appeared in the Staten Island traffic court, this was what was happening to them when they appeared before a specific judge. B.L. is an employee of the Department of Motor Vehicles ...
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  • New Speeding Ticket Policy Proposal

    The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, is trying to make it hard for motorists to plead down a speeding ticket . Currently, defendants are allowed to plea to a lesser offense, which allows the local court to pocket the fine money rather than giving it to the state. Governor Cuomo believes that "this practice threatens public safety and leads to a loss of $58 million annually," so he wants to ...
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  • Why Should You Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney?

    Driving is our method of transportation today, while some may choose a train or subway, the average American goes about their daily business in a vehicle. Polls have been conducted that assume around 90% of the American population drives a vehicle, no wonder there is so much traffic! Not only do we rely heavily on cars for transportation, but as a fast pace society we are also often in a hurry. ...
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  • "Where's the Money?!" Cried the City

    I'd hate to sound like a broken record, but once again the consequences of the ticket fixing scandal are showing their ugly faces. With all the potential punishment and scrutiny New York officers are facing, they are being much more selective with their ticket writing . Their selectivity has resulted in a great decrease in the overall amount of tickets being written and, ultimately, resulting in a ...
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  • Backlash of Ticket Fixing Scandal Continues to Be Felt by NYPD

    How do you punish a person for committing offenses in the workplace? Dock their vacation time, of course. That is exactly what the new "harsh" punishment plan for New York police officers consists of if they mess up paperwork for a moving violation. If a moving violation gets thrown out of court because the paperwork was not perfect, it will result in docked vacation days, ranging anywhere from ...
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  • To Write a Traffic Violation, or Not to Write a Traffic Violation?

    After the recent ticket-fixing scandal - tickets were allegedly fixed when officers who wrote them were persuaded to skip scheduled appearances, or to interfere with cases by admitting forgetfulness when asked to describe the traffic stop - that has left as many as 40 officers facing criminal charges, the police department's Internal Affairs Bureau has cracked the whip on their officers' ...
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