"Where's the Money?!" Cried the City

I'd hate to sound like a broken record, but once again the consequences of the ticket fixing scandal are showing their ugly faces.

With all the potential punishment and scrutiny New York officers are facing, they are being much more selective with their ticket writing. Their selectivity has resulted in a great decrease in the overall amount of tickets being written and, ultimately, resulting in a greater decrease in city revenue. In fact, the city is losing nearly ONE MILLION dollars a week.

It has recently been enforced that law enforcement officers in New York have to be able to show accurate paperwork when they issue a traffic ticket. In fact, if they are unable to provide the adequate paperwork, they could lose up to ten vacation days.

The result of this new policy was a significant drop in the number of traffic tickets which were issued in the area. Now, those who created this new policy have already began to consider changing the rules. They are considering making a first offense punishable by the loss of three vacation days, a second offense five vacation days, and a third offense eight vacation days.

Due to the decrease in the number of traffic tickets which have been issued, some bosses have stated that they may begin to go with police officers in their vehicles in order to pressure them into writing more traffic tickets. The bottom line in this whole situation is that the city will take drastic measures when it comes to their money.

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