The Penalties for Driving Without a License

The Penalties for Driving Without a License

There are various different scenarios which may lead a person to consider driving without a license in New York City. In times of desperation or due to previous obligations, a person may opt to do something they know isn't right so that they can accomplish what they consider needs to be done. Perhaps you have been in the unfortunate situation of having your license suspended/revoked, or maybe you failed to renew your license before its expiration date, or possibly you never even had a license in the first place. Whatever the reason may be, if you or a loved one is found to be driving without a license in NYC, you must expect to face penalties.

According to New York's Vehicle Traffic Code - Section 509, it is illegal for an individual to operate or drive a motor vehicle on a public highway, on public roads, in a public garage, at a shopping center or in any other public location unless he or she has a valid driver's license. The penalties for driving without a license will vary depending on the particular offense. If you fail to renew your driver's license within 60 days of its expiration date, you will be facing a minimum fine of $40.

If you are found to be driving without a license in NYC, you will be looking at fines between $75 and $300. You could also be facing a maximum of 15 days in jail, or both. Commercial drivers who are found to be driving without a valid driver's license for the specific type of vehicle they are operating will be facing fines up to $75. Drivers who drive their vehicles in NYC on a suspended or revoked license are committing a criminal offense and can expect to face fines between $200 and $5000. Additional penalties may include having your vehicle impounded, being sentence to jail time and/or probation.

If you or a loved one has been charged with driving without a valid license, it is in your best interest to have an aggressive traffic ticket attorney advocating on your behalf. The traffic attorneys at Gannes & Musico, LLP have years of experience helping people fight all types of traffic violations. To find out what we can do for you, contact a NYC traffic ticket attorney at our firm today.


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