NYC Speed Limit Reduced to 25mph

When you think of driving New York City, you can't help but imagine the hustle and bustle. Unfortunately, that busy lifestyle has led to more than 20 fatal crashes in a certain section of road. For this reason, the NYPD and the city pushed to change the speed limit to 25 mph on Broadway. However, the changes are still hard for drivers, and pedestrians, to adjust to.

NYPD has been frequently enforcing the new speed limits, camping out with radar guns to catch offenders. Not only that, but they have also been issuing more tickets for jaywalking, hoping to curb fatal accidents along certain roads. According to reports from Chief Thomas Chan, the amount of pedestrian summons have already increased by 150%, with speeding tickets up by 67%.

Where You Should Start Slowing Down

While the Department of Transportation has put up new speed limit signs, including ones that read "Broadway Slow Zone," there are still some drivers who are not used to the new limits. It is good to familiarize yourself with the areas affected by the lower speed limits to ensure you don't get hit with a speeding ticket along the way.

Keep these new slow areas in mind when driving in the city:

  • Broadway from the Upper West Side to Inwood
  • Columbus Circle to 220 th Street
  • Canal Street from East Broadway to West Street

In total, there are going to be 27 new slow zones that will eventually be enforced in New York City. NYPD noted that they are not just trying to give out summonses, but that they want to be at the right intersection at the right time to catch those that fail to adhere to the new limits. The goal is to help increase the safety of many intersections that have seen devastating and fatal crashes.

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