NY Police Officers on a Mission to End Texting While Driving

New Yorkers are glued to their phones and behind the wheel it is no different. Texting while driving tickets increased by 50 percent last year in all five boroughs, due to increased penalties and heightened enforcement.

In 2014, nearly 50,000 drivers in New York City received a ticket for using their phone. A year prior, that number barely tipped 30,000. Distracted driving is a problem throughout the entire state, or so it appears from police reports. From 2013 to 2014, tickets increased by 35 percent.

Law Enforcement Has Clued into the Texting Problem

According to one source, the soaring tickets aren’t a product of increased texting while driving. Instead, police officers are simply becoming more attuned to the problem and are taking a stand to do something about it. Unfortunately, it is difficult to catch offenders because most drivers know how to hide this dangerous habit.

City officials are on a mission to make Big Apple roadways safer than they’ve ever been and part of that lies in abolishing texting behind the wheel. The Governor’s efforts first began in 2011 and have continued ever since.

The efforts aren’t just random, either. Many police departments throughout the state have scheduled recurring week-long crackdowns to intentionally target phone-using drivers. If caught, the penalties aren’t pleasant. A driver could face up to $450 in fines and a maximum of five points on their license. Drivers with a learner’s permit are liable for a 120-day suspicion for a first offense.

Aggressive protection for your driving record!

If you were recently issued a ticket for texting while driving, it is imperative that you fight back. The penalties can haunt your record for years and should be dealt with aggressively. At Gannes & Musico, LLP, we may be able to do exactly that on your behalf.

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