Red Means Go for New York Drivers

In New York, stop lights may not mean as much as they once did. A recent study performed by Hunter College revealed the tendency of New Yorkers to run red lights with a frequency that is downright scary. By observing more than 4,300 motorists at 50 random intersections throughout the New York Boroughs for over a month, researchers found that nearly one in 10 drivers in NYC runs red lights.

Cab drivers are apparently even more prone to do so and ignore red lights 15 percent of the time. The findings of this study make it clear that New York drivers are becoming more aggressive, exhibiting far less courtesy than was once displayed on the roads.

At one of the most dangerous intersections in the City, residents feel that a traffic camera should be installed to catch offenders. One witness of an accident at this same intersection noted that red light violations are common and occur frequently when drivers don’t see any police officers within range.

Red Light Violations Can Have Serious Consequences

Running a red light may not seem particularly damaging – after all, drivers have places to go and people to see, right? In reality, this is far from the truth. Ignoring stop lights can lead to serious accidents for both fellow motorists and pedestrians. Tack on the penalties you could be charged with and red light violations are anything but trivial.

Penalties depend on whether the offense was seen by a police officer or a camera. If an officer issues the ticket, you could get three points added to your license and pay anywhere from $100-$300 in fines. Violations caught on camera do not result in any points, but drivers are required to pay a fine.

Put simply, running a red light is just not worth it. If you were recently ticketed for this offense, it is important to get a New York traffic ticket attorney on your side. Our firm has successfully defended the rights of hundreds of clients and may be able to do the same for you.

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