New York's Vision Zero Prepares to Crackdown on Dangerous Drivers

New York has been using a plan known as Vision Zero for a while now in an attempt to reduce car accident fatalities in the Big Apple down to zero, and otherwise promote safe driving behaviors. Since Halloween, however, there have already been 12 more fatal pedestrian accidents, suggesting that the plan might not be working.

Perhaps in direct response to this statistic, Mayor de Blasio has announced that the New York Police Department is going to take additional measures this holiday season to crackdown even harder on reckless drivers. Every precinct – all 77 of them – will be specifically on the lookout for drivers ignoring traffic signals, speeding, and putting pedestrians at risk. Nonmoving violations will also be on the agenda, such as illegally parking in crosswalks – a violation that forces pedestrians to step out of the crosswalk and into the street, just to cross legally.

What’s the Plan to Make Vision Zero a Reality?

In order to carry out this operation, which is said to begin this Thursday, the NYPD is going to put more manpower and focus into four distinct departments:

  1. Highway patrol: 230 officers
  2. Patrol services: 154 officers
  3. Traffic enforcement: 1,185 agents
  4. Traffic operations: 150 officers

Will they be effective in curbing dangerous driving behaviors? Odds and history may be in their favor. In a crackdown that lasted for just a two-day window in 2014, law enforcement agents were able to hand out roughly 5,200 summonses. This number suggests that they are more than capable of slamming violators when they put their attention on the task.

On the other side of the coin, overzealous police officers may be feeling more inclined to give out citations where they really are not called for. If you find yourself with a traffic citation – or if you already have one – and you need to fight it, be sure to contact Gannes & Musico, LLP. Our New York traffic ticket attorneys have dedicated their entire practice to helping people fight unjust or excessive citations in and around New York City. Call 877.803.2603 today for a free consultation with our highly experienced and effective team.

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