New York City Bicycle Accidents in Decline

After seeing hundreds of bicycle accidents in New York City leaving cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists injured every year, the New York Police Department (NYPD) has decidedly cracked down on negligent behaviors to encourage safety. Many precincts – including the 19th in the Upper East Side – report that enforcement efforts of bicycle-related laws and citation have been increased by over 50% since last year. With a noticeable 18% decline in bicycle accidents already occurring, it looks like things are paying off.

Officers are keeping a sharp eye out for cyclists breaking the law, and doing all they can to correct their behaviors. In specific, they are targeting food delivery cyclists that zip around the busy city regularly, sometimes completing their route in record time to fulfill an important order. From running red lights to riding unlawfully against traffic, the citations are increasing as collisions continue to decrease.

Is This All Good News?

Seeing that bicycle accidents are down in New York City is obviously promising; no one likes to hear that someone has been injured, regardless of the circumstances. But is there another side to the story that is not being represented?

Some people are concerned that the crackdown might indicate overzealous police officers. Intentionally looking for a problem – especially when they are targeting specific individuals, such as food couriers – can cause unwarranted citation and unjust punishments.

If you have been given a citation while riding your bicycle, and you believe it is excessive or flat-out uncalled for, you can seek legal recourse to defend yourself. Contact the New York traffic ticket attorneys at Gannes & Musico, LLP today to start learning your options and what you can do to keep a clean record. Call 877.803.2603 now.

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