Parking Boots to Be Replaced By "The Barnacle"

Parking Boots to Be Replaced By "The Barnacle"

Have an unpaid parking ticket? Better get it taken care of soon, otherwise you might find yourself getting to know the latest replacement of the parking boot: a big, ugly monstrosity known as “the Barnacle.

Instead of the antiquated technology of clamping a massive hunk of metal to the wheel of a vehicle, the Barnacle instead latches onto the windshield using industrial-strength suction cups and blocks the driver’s view, rendering it virtually un-drivable. The device is also motion sensitive and will sound an alarm if it detects that the car is being driven.

While dreaded by many, removing the device is more convenient than older methods in that drivers may now pay their fines over the phone in exchange for a release code, after which they must take the device to a predetermined drop-off location within 24 hours. “With a boot, even in the best case scenario, it’s an hour before someone can come and remove it,” says Kevin Dougherty, president of Barnacle Parking Enforcement.

The Barnacle is also much less cumbersome and safer for parking officials to deploy, weighing in at just under 20 pounds and eliminating the need to crouch down into potentially dangerous areas. The device has already been implemented as a replacement to boots in several cities, including Allentown, Pennsylvania, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as part of a 60 day trial period that began in late September. More cities are expected to follow suit in the coming months.

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