NYC Delivery Companies Avoid Millions in Parking Fees, Lawsuit Claims

NYC Delivery Companies Avoid Millions in Parking Fees, Lawsuit Claims

The New York City Department of Finance and Parking Violations Bureaus are still dealing with a lawsuit filed against them last year that alleges unlawful favoritism shown to commercial delivery companies in the city. The lawsuit states that UPS, FedEx, and other major delivery companies have never paid the $15 surcharge attached to all parking tickets issued by law enforcement and parking enforcement agents. It calculates that the city misses out on $10 million in fines each year due to this leniency.

NYC currently allows delivery companies to use a special abatement program to have parking ticket fines reduced significantly. It is estimated around 25% of parking tickets given to on-duty delivery trucks are completely eliminated. However, the abatement program does not waive the $15 surcharge.

Money that is collected through parking ticket surcharges is mainly allocated for preventative programs throughout the city. Some of the most noteworthy programs include DUI prevention courses, legal counsel for victims of violent crimes, and also Mayor de Blasio’s own Vision Zero traffic safety plan. Much of Vision Zero’s initiative relies on renovations being made to the city’s infrastructure to create better traffic flow, separate bicyclists from heavy traffic lanes, create more pedestrian crosswalks, and more. The program is expected to cost millions to complete, so, of course, a few extra million a year wouldn’t hurt.

It is unclear at this time how the case is developing. If the allegations are held true, it would highlight an unfair favoritism shown towards corporations over the average New York City motorist. Most people would likely agree that preference should be shown the other way around, if at all.

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