Decrease in NY Traffic Deaths Due to Increased Traffic Tickets

Starting at the beginning of the year, NYPD cops began writing more traffic tickets, strictly enforcing traffic laws on the streets of the Big Apple in an effort to lower the death toll. So far, there has been a 17% increase in tickets compared to the previous year within the same period. While the bulk of these tickets are for speeding, many of them are also for turning at intersections when pedestrians are crossing.

As a result of this increase in ticketing, traffic deaths have gone down. So far, 40 people have died in traffic this year. Last year, 48 people died within the same period. Mayor de Blasio believes the drop is owed to increased enforcement as well as newly redesigned thoroughfares and decreased speed limits on local streets.

However, some drivers are discontent with the recent changes, calling it “extreme enforcement” and claiming that the cost for such minor infringements, such as going 5mph or 10mph over the speed limit, is outrageous and not something the working class can afford. De Blasio noted that drivers would not be ticketed if they simply followed the law.

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