Can I Get Points Taken Off My Driving Record?

Violating traffic laws could result in two main consequences for the accused: monetary fines and driving record points. While receiving points may not seem like a big deal, you could lose your license if you get 11 points on your record. Therefore, every New York Driver should know if it’s possible to remove points from their records.

The Point & Insurance Reduction Program

As stated on New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles website, drivers can reduce their points (and insurance rates) by participating in a Defensive Driving Program (DDP). A DDP is a comprehensive driver safety course that tests the knowledge and techniques of drivers.

If a driver completes an approved DDP course, 4 points are ‘subtracted’ from his or her record when calculating a potential suspension. However, it should be noted that the points do not physically come off of the driver’s record; instead, they do not count towards the person’s point total.

A DDP course is the only way to ‘remove’ points from your record, but it’s possible to prevent points from going on your record by fighting traffic tickets in court.

Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney for Outstanding Tickets

If you or a loved one is facing a traffic ticket, fighting it in court could keep points from going on your record. Gannes & Musico is proud to say that we’ve achieved thousands of not guilty verdicts for our clients, which means your case could be next!

Call (877) 803-2603 now for a free consultation concerning your pending traffic ticket.

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