Why Should You Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney?

Why Should You Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney?

Driving is our method of transportation today, while some may choose a train or subway, the average American goes about their daily business in a vehicle. Polls have been conducted that assume around 90% of the American population drives a vehicle, no wonder there is so much traffic! Not only do we rely heavily on cars for transportation, but as a fast pace society we are also often in a hurry. Leisurely strolling is no longer an option for the general public. There is always a check list of places to go, things to buy, and jobs to get done which keep us constantly on the go.

With that busy lifestyle, we are often in a hurry on the road as well. Have you ever noticed yourself going over the speed limit to help you make it on time to work, or when you realized you were an hour late picking up your kids from day care? These are just a few common occurrences that lead people to drive fast, and as a result authorities are on the road ready and willing to pull you over and give you a ticket. Speeding isn’t the only traffic violation that leads to tickets and fines. A person can be cited for rolling through a stop sign, or for running a red light, tailgating and illegal passing, to name a few.

Most people will eventually experience receiving some sort of traffic ticket at some point in their life. The question then remains, should you hire an attorney to fight the accusation? Technically, you don’t have to hire an attorney; but you should. Traffic violations, depending on the severity of the charges, can result in hefty fines that a lot of people can’t afford. Perhaps you have already had a few strikes on your record, the penalties increase after each violation. In many states, if you drive a certain amount of miles over the speed limit your license can be suspended. Not only can your driving record be effected by your traffic tickets, but your insurance premiums can be affected as well and many times there is a significant increase.

If you live in New York, then you understand how crazy the roads can be as they are packed with vehicles. No person deserves to have their license suspended for a small mistake. Even if you have been accused of much more severe driving infractions such as a DUI or other criminal traffic violations, our firm believes that your case ought to be fought for.

At Gannes & Musico we are committed to defending our clients with aggression in court to make sure that your voice is heard. If you have been accused of any level of traffic violations don’t hesitate, contact our law firm today for more information!


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