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Failing to Yield in NYC

Failing to Yield in New York City

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At some intersections, it may not be entirely necessary for a motorist to stop before proceeding across or merging into a lane. Instead, it may only be necessary for them to pay attention and yield the right of way to existing traffic before proceeding.

When this is the case, yield signs are put in place to warn motorists of proper safety procedures and they must be obeyed. Otherwise, the motorist could receive a traffic ticket for committing a right of way violation. A motorist can also receive such a ticket for failure to yield to a pedestrian who is legally attempting to cross the street.

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Penalties for Failure to Yield

Due to the risk of accidents and injury involved with right of way violations, failure to yield will result in inconvenient penalties.

Penalties for failure to yield may include the following:

  • 3 points on your record
  • A fine

The New York point system only allows motorists to gain up to 10 points within an 18-month period. Any more than that and your driver's license will be suspended for 31 days. If you have been ticketed for failure to yield, call an attorney today to learn what steps you can take to defend yourself from such harsh penalties.

Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian

New York state law provides extensive regulations and restrictions for both motorists and pedestrians alike. When it comes to right of way, pedestrians usually have it unless they exhibit extremely reckless or negligent behavior, such as jaywalking or stepping in front of a moving vehicle without adequate time for the car to stop.

The following are several sections of the New York Vehicle and Transportation Law (N.Y. VTL) and their relative regulations:

  • N.Y. VLT §1142(b): Motorists must yield to any pedestrian crossing the road on which they are travelling. Also, a collision with a pedestrian in a crosswalk will be considered sufficient evidence of failure to yield to said pedestrian.
  • N.Y VTL §1151: Even when there is no traffic signal or working signal, a driver must yield to a pedestrian who is crossing within a crosswalk. No vehicle may pass another vehicle if it is stopped in order to allow a pedestrian to cross at an intersection. Any pedestrian who steps from a safe place and walks/runs in front of a vehicle that is too close to yield has no right of way.

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