Why Fight a Traffic Ticket? More than 10,000 Drivers Helped Every Year

Why Fight a Traffic Ticket?

Protect Your Finances, Your Driving Record, and Your Future in NYC

Many times when a person is pulled over for a traffic violation, they are too intimidated or confused to know what they should do. They may feel hopeless and think that fighting their NYC ticket is a waste of time or not worth the effort.

This is almost never the case.

It is possible for an individual to represent themselves when they fight their traffic ticket. However, their chances of success will be very slim. Only a traffic ticket attorney will have the training and skill to build a strong defense and have your charges reduced or dismissed. At Gannes & Musico, LLP, we have more than 30 years of combined experience and could fight aggressively to defend you.

Why hire Gannes & Musico, LLP?

  • We are backed by 30+ years of experience
  • We've handled thousands of traffic violation cases
  • We've accrued many positive client testimonials
  • We provide personalized legal strategies

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How Do I Fight My Traffic Ticket in NYC?

If you choose not to fight your ticket, it could result in points on your driving record and heavy fines. This is why it is so important to take action, instead of simply paying the fine and moving on. When you fight your ticket, it means you plead not guilty. You won't experience any penalties if the court doesn't find you guilty. If you do receive a guilty verdict, you may have the chance for appeal.

Some of the most effective strategies for fighting a NYC ticket include the following:

  • Challenging the officer’s view of what happened
  • Challenging the officer’s observations
  • Showing that your mistake was an honest one
  • Showing that your conduct was “legally justified”
  • Showing that your actions were essential to avoid an accident

Out of all the offenses that you could commit, a traffic violation seems fairly harmless. However, our firm has seen firsthand the consequences that can come from not taking your traffic ticket seriously. That is why we’ve committed ourselves to providing experienced legal representation for individuals in New York.

Should I Fight My Ticket or Go to Traffic School?

From a financial standpoint, it is almost always in your best interest to fight a traffic ticket instead of electing to go to traffic school. Choosing traffic school is, in essence, surrendering to the court and admitting guilt to the offense. You are acting as your own judge and deciding your own punishment. Moreover, traffic school is usually only a method of removing points from your license – not reducing the cost of your ticket. Considering that traffic tickets in New York can cost up to $5,000 in certain circumstances, this can be a huge blow to your financial situation. Fighting a traffic ticket in NYC with the assistance of a skilled attorney can allow you the opportunity to permanently eliminate the violation from your record as if it never even happened.

With that being said, traffic school may be a more desirable option if you already have several tickets on your record. While sitting in a classroom reviewing traffic laws can be a miserable experience and eat up an entire day, it may be worth it if it keeps you in good standing with your insurance company. Having a high number of points on your record can result in higher insurance rates and a possible suspension of your license. Attending traffic school can clean up your record and reduce your chances of serving these consequences. Furthermore, it can be a final and immediate solution to your traffic ticket problem, rather than waiting to argue your ticket in court.

It is always best to discuss your circumstances with a knowledgeable attorney to determine which option would provide the greatest benefit. If you have received a traffic ticket of any kind, the skilled New York City traffic ticket attorneys at Gannes & Musico, LLP can help you fight your accusations and maximize your chances of securing a favorable outcome for your situation.

Get Representation from Gannes & Musico, LLP

It can be extremely stressful to deal with a traffic ticket on your own, especially when you choose to fight the violation. The advantage of retaining an attorney is undeniable and may be what your case needs to secure a favorable outcome. The sooner you take action, the more effectively we’ll be able to prepare a defense.

Gannes & Musico, LLP is an experienced New York firm that is dedicated to defending clients from harsh penalties and wrongful accusations of traffic violations. If you have received a traffic ticket of any kind, call us right away.

If you received a traffic ticket in NYC, call (877) 803-2603 to speak with a member of our team.

Why Choose Gannes & Musico, LLP?

Everything You Need for a Successful Outcome
  • We Provide Free Case Evaluations to Discuss ALL Your Options
  • We Have Achieved Thousands of "Not Guilty" Verdicts for Our Clients
  • Our Firm Is the Winner of the Avvo Clients' Choice Award 2015
  • We've Provided Over 30 Years of Aggressive Traffic Defense

Proven Record of Success

Hundreds of Not Guilty Verdicts Achieved Every Week

  • Cell Phone Violation Not Guilty
  • Child Seatbelt Ticket Not Guilty
  • Disobey Traffic Device Not Guilty
  • Disobey Traffic Device Not Guilty
  • Disobey Traffic Device Not Guilty
  • Failure to Use Signal Not Guilty
  • Failure to Yield Not Guilty
  • Illegal Passing Not Guilty
  • Illegal U-Turn Not Guilty
  • Operating Portable Electronic Device Not Guilty
  • Operating Without Insurance Not Guilty
  • Red Light Ticket Not Guilty
  • Red Light Ticket Not Guilty
  • Speeding Not Guilty
  • Speeding Not Guilty
  • Speeding Not Guilty
  • Speeding Not Guilty
  • Speeding Not Guilty
  • Speeding Not Guilty
  • Speeding Not Guilty
  • Top 25 M
  • AVVO
  • New York State Bar Association

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