Carpool Lane Violations

Carpool Lane Violations in New York

NYC HOV Lane Violation Penalties (Fines & Points)

The carpool lane, also referred to as the HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) lane, was established to reduce traffic congestion, save on gas consumption, lower harmful emissions, and decrease the number of vehicles traveling along state highways.

In order to drive in the carpool lane, however, your vehicle needs to have a minimum of two people on board. If you are found to be driving in the carpool lane without the minimum number of occupants, you could face fines and various other penalties.

In the state of New York, anyone caught driving in the carpool lane without a passenger will receive three points on their DMV record and be required to pay a fine of more than $100. It is also important to note that crossing into or out of the HOV lane at any area other than a designated entry point will result in additional violations, fees, and possible points. This is regardless of whether or not you have a passenger in the car.

Individuals who accumulate too many points on their records may have their driving privileges suspended or revoked. The most effective way to fight a carpool lane violation is to obtain legal counsel from an HOV ticket lawyer in NYC. If you were cited for an HOV lane violation, your next call should be to the New York City traffic ticket lawyers at Gannes & Musico, LLP. Our firm can fight to uphold your rights and craft a case that meets your specific needs. And, we are available 24/7.

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If you have received a citation for a carpool lane violation in New York City, or you are rapidly approaching the maximum allowed number of points you can have on your DMV record, we recommend you contact Gannes & Musico, LLP and schedule a free consultation with one of our HOV ticket attorneys as soon as possible. We understand the impact that such violations can have on your ability to perform your day-to-day duties, provide for your family, get to and from work, and more.

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