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Are You Facing A Traffic Violation?

Fight Your Traffic Ticket

We Can Fight Your Traffic Ticket – Call 24/7

Traffic tickets can seem like a minor blip on the radar, especially in light of the more serious offenses you could be charged with, but if they’re not dealt with, even the most basic violation can become a real headache on your driving record.

Our New York City traffic lawyers are prepared to do whatever we can to minimize or even eliminate the serious penalties you could be facing. Find out how we can help you keep your insurance costs down, protect your driver’s license, and more.

Why should you call Gannes & Musico, LLP?

  • Together, we put 25+ years’ experience on your side
  • We have handled 1,000s of traffic violation cases
  • Our firm is backed by countless satisfied clients
  • Our attorneys are available to take your call 24/7

It may seem like the simplest solution is simply to pay the ticket and make it go away. It may seem like a waste of time likely to fail, but this is often not the case. When someone takes the time to fight a ticket and has competent and aggressive representation on their side, it is very possible to get the case dismissed.

Gannes & Musico, LLP can use our insight to handle your ticket swiftly and efficiently. Call us at (877) 803-2603.

Can't I Just Go to Traffic School?

Choosing between fighting a ticket and attending traffic school will depend on the nature of your traffic violation and your existing driving record. If you already have several points on your license, attending traffic school may be a wise choice to clean up your record and avoid an expensive hike of your insurance rates.

With that being said, choosing traffic school is essentially pleading guilty to your violation and will subject you to the associated fines. Fighting your ticket in court can potentially allow you to have your ticket dismissed altogether. It would be wise to discuss your options with a traffic ticket lawyer before making a decision.

How a Ticket Affects Your Driving Record

A NY police officer can give you a ticket for numerous reasons, including running a red light, speeding, and texting while driving. The severity of your violation will dictate the penalties you incur as a result. If you don’t fight your ticket, you may wind up paying a serious fine and having points added to your driving record.

Reach out for legal help before simply paying your traffic ticket.

The fine and points you receive may depend on:

  • The type of traffic violation
  • The number of points already on your record
  • Which court is handling your case
  • The county where you received your ticket

New York’s point system is fairly easy to understand. Getting six points within 18 months means you must pay $100 per year for three years. Any additional points during those three years tacks an additional $75 per point onto your yearly fine.

The court is serious about deterring repeat offenders and points can accumulate quickly. Legal representation is a must, even if your violation seems minor.

Call Gannes & Musico for the Help You Need

Hundreds of traffic tickets are issued each day in New York and many individuals simply sit back and accept the penalties. We cannot overestimate how detrimental this can be. Not only will your record be affected but your entire future may be impacted, as well. You don’t have plead guilty! We can help you fight back.

Don’t take chances with your traffic ticket! Call Gannes & Musico, LLP for swift legal action: (877) 803-2603.

Hear From Our Former Clients

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  • “They saved my driver's license and my job!”


  • “Case dismissed!”


  • “I was proven wrong!”


  • “I hope that i do not have to use your services again but if I ever do your phone number will be on speed dial.”


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  • “They saved me 5 points on my license which made me unbelievably happy.”


Have you received a traffic ticket in New York? Contact Gannes & Musico, LLP at (877) 803-2603

Our dedicated NYC traffic ticket attorneys offer personalized legal counsel.