Drop in NYC Traffic Policing Due to Increase in Violent Crimes, Says Mayor

According to the New York Post, a comparison between the first two months of 2019 and the first two months of 2022 revealed that NYPD officers issued less than half the number of traffic summons this year as they did three years ago. Mayor Eric Adams said that the drop was partly due to the surge of violent crimes in the city, especially those involving gun violence.

Addressing reporters, Mr. Adams noted that more needs to be done to get traffic policing back on track. “We have to do a better job,” he said. He recognized that protecting the people and visitors of the city also requires citing traffic violators. Nearly 50 fatal accidents have occurred during the beginning of 2022, the New York Post reports.

Mr. Adams noted that police commanders need to be reminded of the importance of traffic policing. He has also proposed expanding legislation allowing the use of traffic lights and speed cameras to catch violators.

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