Difference Between a License Suspension and Revocation in NY

suspended vs revoked license

If you are convicted of a serious traffic violation or multiple traffic violations in a certain period of time, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may suspend or revoke your driving privileges. Driving a motor vehicle on a suspended or revoked license is a criminal offense and will result in serious criminal penalties.

But what is the difference between a suspension and a revoked license, and what circumstances will result in which penalty?

Suspended vs. Revoked License

The main difference between a suspended and revoked license is that a revoked license is permanent. A revocation cancels your license and requires you to apply for a new one when the revocation period ends. With a suspended license, your driving privileges are taken away temporarily and won't require you to reapply.

 Driver’s License Suspensions in New York

If your driver’s license is suspended, your license will be temporarily taken away for a set amount of time before being returned. Suspensions can have a specified suspension period, known as a definite suspension, or require you to do something specific in order to lift the suspension, known as an indefinite suspension.

Definite suspensions can be issued for the following reasons:

An indefinite suspension can result from:

  • Failing to answer a traffic ticket
  • Failing to pay a traffic ticket fine
  • Failing to file an accident report
  • Failing to pay child support
  • Failing to pay New York State taxes
  • Driving without auto insurance

Driver’s License Revocations in New York

A driver’s license revocation is much more serious than a suspension, as it is permanent. A revocation cancels your license and requires you to apply for a new one when the revocation period ends. Oftentimes, individuals who have their license revoked must request approval from the DMV, along with taking written and behind-the-wheel tests again to reestablish their fitness to drive. Individuals who are considered “high risk” due to a history of serious violations may be denied a reissue of their license.

Revocations can result from the following:

  • Operating or permitting someone to operate your vehicle without insurance
  • Being involved in an uninsured motor vehicle collision
  • Being convicted of an alcohol or drugged driving charge
  • Being convicted of a serious traffic offense or numerous offenses
  • Failing a DMV road test
  • Making a false statement on an application for a license or registration
  • Being involved in a fatal motor vehicle collision

New York License Suspension & Revocation Lawyer

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