New York Cars Must Pass Window Tinting Test in 2017

Every time the New Year rolls around, legislative changes go into effect. This year was no different for the state of New York and the changes include one new traffic law that will affect many motorists, as well as auto shops statewide.

Beginning on January 1, 2017, all cars in New York must pass a window tinting test. Windows that are “too dark” (as determined by the new light percentage standards outlined in the law) will need to reduce the tinting on the windows in question, or remove the tint altogether.

How Dark Can My Car Windows Be in New York?

Drivers are allowed to have 30% tinting (70% transmittance) for the front, driver’s side, passenger’s side, and rear windows. The exception is for vehicles with a suburban (SUBN) registration or a truck registration that allows the rear windows to be tinted or blacked out.

The purpose for these tinting laws is safety – ensuring that law enforcement can see the driver and passengers in the car. Windows that are too dark also make it difficult for emergency response personnel to see if there is anyone in the rear of the vehicle, which can be dangerous in the event of a crash or other emergency where the passenger’s life could be in danger.

When & Where to Have Your Window Tinting Tested

If you need to have your window tinting tested, then you can take your vehicle to any auto shop or motor vehicle inspection station that has the correct equipment. A special two-piece meter must be used to measure the percentage of light that is blocked and the percentage of light that passes through the tinting.

Many auto shops do not own this equipment. This means that the new requirement for window-tinting tests may place a burden on some shops that do not own the equipment, since they will need to purchase it.

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