What Traffic Violations Result in the Most Points?

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The New York State DMV created the Driver Violation Point System to identify and take action against high-risk drivers. Certain traffic violation convictions will result in several points going on one’s record, and too many points within an 18-month period may result in penalties. For this reason, Gannes & Musico is here to discuss the traffic violations convictions that result in the most points.

Excessive Speeding

Excessive speeding is one of the fastest ways (pun intended) to gain points on your record. In fact, excessive speeding is the only traffic violation that can single-handedly result in a driver responsibility assessment fee (at 6 points and above) or license suspension (at 11 points).

Here are the points one can get for speeding:

  • 3 points for driving 1-10 MPH over the posted limit;
  • 4 points for driving 11-20 MPH over the posted limit;
  • 6 points for driving 21-30 MPH;
  • 8 points for driving 31-40 MPH; and
  • 11 points for driving over 40 MPH.

Other traffic violations earn fewer points than driving 21 miles per hour over the speed limit, but they can still add up over time.

Other notable violations include:

Do You Have a Pending Ticket?

If you received a traffic ticket, you have the right to defend your case; however, you shouldn’t go through this process alone. With an experienced traffic ticket attorney by your side, you will have a strong advocate for your rights.

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