Penalties for New York Traffic Points

Owning a driver’s license and driving on public roads are privileges, not rights. Therefore, cops have the right to pull people over and cite them for breaking traffic laws. When a resident allegedly violates a traffic law, the New York State DMV uses the Driver Violation Point System (DVPS) to identify and take action against “high-risk drivers.”

Today, we will determine how the DMV penalizes those who earn traffic points.

Driver Responsibility Assessment

If drivers obtain six or more points on their New York State driving records, they will have to pay a driver responsibility assessment fee (DRAF). At six points, the fee is an annual $100, paid for three years. Therefore, the total DRAF amount for six points is $300.

It’s important to note that you can pay the full DRAF at the start of the first year.

However, the annual assessment fee increases by $25 for every point the person receives over 6 points. Therefore, the DRAF increases by $75 for every additional point.

For example, if someone has nine points on their record, they would pay an annual $100 for reaching six points, and an additional $75 for the additional three points. When fully calculated, the DRAF would total out to $525 over three years.

In addition to fees, too many traffic violation convictions could lead to a suspended license.

Suspended License

If someone has 11 or more points on their record in an 18-month period, his or her license may be suspended. It's important to note that while people can fight for their cases at DMV hearings, they can only attend each case individually. If your license is suspended, you cannot then request a hearing to fight past charges.

Therefore, you should consider hiring an attorney and fighting traffic violations charges right after they occur.

Are You Facing Traffic Violations & Subsequent Points?

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