“Flow of Traffic” & Speeding Tickets

There is much misinformation concerning traffic tickets and laws, but Gannes & Musico is here to help. Today, we will determine if traveling with the flow of traffic is a valid defense against a New York speeding ticket.

The Flow of Traffic Argument

Many people believe in the flow of traffic argument. The flow of traffic argument says that someone driving over the speed limit will not receive a ticket if they are traveling at the speed of the flow of traffic.

Let’s put this theory into a practical scenario to understand the argument better.

Let’s assume that a group of drivers is traveling on a road marked 55 MPH. It’s Sunday, so this typically congested roadway is wide open, and as a result, many of the drivers are going faster than usual. This leads the group of drivers to travel at 65 MPH instead of the marked 55. Typically, this would be illegal, but since the flow of traffic is 65 MPH, it’s legally permissible.

The Truth Behind the Flow of Traffic Argument

Unfortunately, the flow of traffic argument is not a strong defense against a speeding ticket. As stated on the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee website,

“Always drive at or below the speed limit. If you choose to follow the crowd and travel at the same speed as everyone else, you could receive a ticket for speeding. The law does not make exceptions because everyone else is speeding too.”

As you can see, New York officials are not concerned with the flow of traffic argument. However, other arguments can be made to defend an accusation of speeding. If you or a loved one receive a New York speeding ticket, Gannes & Musico can help you fight for your case.

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