NY State Traffic Court Plans to Make Virtual Hearings Permanent

Although most courts throughout New York are transitioning back to in-person hearings this month, the state’s traffic courts plan to remain virtual, according to a CBS2 report

The news investigation team obtained a court document submitted by the state’s top traffic judge, showing the DMV is “...transitioning all TVB officers to virtual hearings,” claiming that the move will consolidate TVB offices and cut costly leases and security service contracts, therefore, saving taxpayers money. 

However, motorists who are subject to traffic court have experienced difficulties with the current program, such as failing to log-in to the website or getting disconnected during the hearing process. Furthermore, there are many drivers who do not have access to computers or an updated smartphone, which is why people who cannot afford such technology are struggling the most. 

But if a motorist can somehow obtain a reservation for an in-person court hearing, they can appear in front of a judge. Yet, the officer involved in the incident is not required to show up. Rather, law enforcement officials may appear via telephone or video. 

In fact, some New York traffic attorneys are suing the State because they believe motorists are being denied the constitutional right to confront their accuser. Several tax associations have also sent letters to the DMV commissioner, requesting that the courts be open. 

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