New York's Plan to Prioritize the Safety of Pedestrians

It is no secret that foot traffic in New York City is high and the ability to walk to your destination is one of the perks of living in the Big Apple. This perk, however, comes at a price, and city officials are finding that it might just be time to cater to the needs of pedestrians in the city.

In the last five years, roughly 12,000 New York City pedestrians sustained injuries in traffic accidents. The mayor decided to address this statistic in 2014, when he introduced Vision Zero. The goal of this plan centers around reducing pedestrian deaths to zero and studies show that fewer pedestrians were killed in 2014 than in 2013.

Along with this overarching goal, the city is also beginning to focus on walkers over drivers. New York’s Department of Transportation is examining the structure of intersections and crosswalks while asking the question, “How do we protect pedestrians most effectively?”

Tuning in to the Logical Desires of Pedestrians

City planners are finding that in most cases, pedestrians are going to do what makes most sense to them, regardless of a crosswalk signal or concrete barriers. This means that it is time to cater the streets to those walking on them and to do so logically.

After studying the patterns of pedestrians and closely assessing popular crosswalks throughout New York City, officials are gaining a better idea of how, where, and when pedestrians move. As such, it is becoming easier to design the city’s streets in a way that aligns with how people are actually using them.

While it is not going to happen overnight, adjustments are being made to put pedestrians first when it comes to crosswalks, speed limits, and stop signs in New York. Drivers may be under closer scrutiny as a result and can find themselves facing serious citations for a number of different moving violations. If you were recently hit with a ticket, turn to a New York City traffic ticket lawyer at Gannes & Musico, LLP.

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