Blog Posts in August, 2017

  • New York State Police Crack Down on Speeding

    New York State Police have announced they will officially be on the lookout for speeding drivers, as this is all part of an initiative to keeping the people of the city safer. State Troopers in both marked and unmarked cars will be pulling over more people than usual for speeding, as part of Governor Cuomo’s “Speed Week.” This harkens back to the first “Speed Week” which took place in June, in ...
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  • NYC Speeding Ticket Conviction Rates May Reveal Overzealous Traffic Courts

    Getting handed a traffic ticket in New York City should always raise your eyebrow and make you start thinking about how you can fight it . Traffic throughout NYC is notoriously crowded and complex, making it difficult for even the best drivers to always adhere to the rules. A person given a citation might not deserve it at all, and merely be the victim of an overzealous or misinformed police ...
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