Blog Posts in August, 2011

  • Backlash of Ticket Fixing Scandal Continues to Be Felt by NYPD

    How do you punish a person for committing offenses in the workplace? Dock their vacation time, of course. That is exactly what the new "harsh" punishment plan for New York police officers consists of if they mess up paperwork for a moving violation. If a moving violation gets thrown out of court because the paperwork was not perfect, it will result in docked vacation days, ranging anywhere from ...
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  • To Write a Traffic Violation, or Not to Write a Traffic Violation?

    After the recent ticket-fixing scandal - tickets were allegedly fixed when officers who wrote them were persuaded to skip scheduled appearances, or to interfere with cases by admitting forgetfulness when asked to describe the traffic stop - that has left as many as 40 officers facing criminal charges, the police department's Internal Affairs Bureau has cracked the whip on their officers' ...
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