Blog Posts in August, 2012

  • Texting while Driving... A 'Primary Offense' in the State of New York

    In July 2011, texting while driving became illegal in the State of New York. Since then, almost 25,000 tickets have been handed out to drivers who were writing / reading texts while driving. Before this law passed, a police officer could have been watching you use your phone while driving and could legally do nothing. Then, they still needed another reason to pull you over. This is no longer the ...
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  • Why Should You Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney?

    Driving is our method of transportation today, while some may choose a train or subway, the average American goes about their daily business in a vehicle. Polls have been conducted that assume around 90% of the American population drives a vehicle, no wonder there is so much traffic! Not only do we rely heavily on cars for transportation, but as a fast pace society we are also often in a hurry. ...
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  • Read the Fine Print - It Costs A Lot if You Don't!

    So there he was, scanning the speeding ticket that the police officer just handed him and the following went through my client's head: "Oh, the fine is only $195.00…well, it's not cheap but why bother with an attorney? I should just write a check and put this event behind me and avoid any further hassles." Well folks, my new client, John, who is both intelligent and practical, did not stop to Read ...
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