Transportation Safety Group Criticizes NYC Vision Zero Plan

Transportation Alternatives (TA) have harshly criticized Mayor Bill de Blasio and his attention, or lack thereof, on New York City’s Vision Zero initiative. A safety group of public activists and interested parties, Transportation Alternatives has dedicated itself to collecting and understanding car accident statistics in an effort to promote public safety and transportation. TA has looked at data gathered between 2014 and 2015 to determine that Mayor de Blasio’s promise of “no traffic-related fatalities by 2024” is simply not realistic.

By extrapolating the progress made in that one year, they determined it would take at least another 40 years – likely around 2055 – to reach that goal. Within that time span, an estimated 1,800 New York City residents will lose their lives due to preventable car, pedestrian, and bicyclist accidents. TA is adamant about one thing: the 2024 goal is not in reach right now, but it could be tomorrow with extra effort and improvement.

Looking at the data, which can be found in full on Transportation Alternative’s own scorecard, TA argues that Vision Zero NYC is not doing anything noteworthy at the time being. The decrease to pedestrian accidents was quite minimal and bicyclist collisions with cars actually went up. On the other hand, there was a 10% decrease in traffic fatalities overall.

Are More Changes Coming to Vision Zero?

TA has come up with a system they call the Three E’s: engineering, enforcement, and education. Through civil engineering, law enforcement, and the education of the masses about safe practices when traversing New York City, they believe there really could be a year of no traffic fatalities. Based on how departments of the city’s government utilized and encouraged the Three E’s, and how their performances changed between 2014 and 2015, TA gave them a scorecard rating, ranging from A+ to F. Mayor de Blasio himself got a B+, down from a predicted A- while other fared worse, such as the NYPD receiving a C-, down from a predicted C+.

Whether the city will react to the criticism with further changes to Vision Zero NYC is yet to be seen on any noticeable scale. It could mean a predictable spike of traffic violations being handed out to drivers as police officers are browbeat by superiors and legislators until they start clocking out with multiple citations handed out that shift. If you receive a traffic ticket, or are arrested for a moving violation, Gannes & Musico, LLP and our New York City traffic attorneys can help you. Call us at 877.803.2603 to request a free case evaluation today.

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