Read the Fine Print - It Costs A Lot if You Don't!

So there he was, scanning the speeding ticket that the police officer just handed him and the following went through my client's head: “Oh, the fine is only $195.00…well, it's not cheap but why bother with an attorney? I should just write a check and put this event behind me and avoid any further hassles.”

Well folks, my new client, John, who is both intelligent and practical, did not stop to Read the Fine Print.

Even though John paid the fine, he still received 6 points on his driver's license and had to pay Driver's Assessment Fees. Additionally, his insurance premiums have since increased significantly. Hassle-free? Doesn't sound like it. And the kicker here: John plead guilty to a 6 point speeding ticket, paid the fine, and then a few months later, received a bill from the DMV for $300 for Driver's Assessment Fees. So, when John thought that he was done with the ticket, he had to pay the fine, got 6 points on his license, paid the additional assessments and his insurance increased. “Just paying” cost John $495 in fines to the DMV and about a 10% increase in his insurance.

Now, every time that I speak to John, he says the same thing over and over. That is, 'Take nothing for granted … and Read the Fine Print!”

What I take away from this: If you have a few minutes in your day to get pulled over and handed a traffic ticket, then grant yourself an extra minute to call your attorney. Let them Read the Fine Print and, at the least, provide you with a reasonable explanation. If you then decide to still ignore the potential consequences and just do it your way, understood…but at least you have the facts. In John's situation, an attorney would have read the fine print & informed him that if he is not represented in court, he will certainly accumulate points on his permanent driving record, he could potentially get his license suspended, and have to pay a hefty amount in fines.

By simply contacting Gannes & Musico, LLP, John wouldn't have even had to worry about missing work for his court date; their super competent staff of attorneys can/will fight the good fight on your behalf and often won't even need you to show up in court.

The money a driver pays for a fine and an increased insurance premium is much better spent to obtain a skilled and experienced attorney with Gannes & Musico, LLP. They will competently work their hardest on your behalf to contest your citation and do whatever they can to plea bargain for less points, protect your driving record and even dismiss the case altogether. They know how to Read the Fine Print.

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