2017 Changes to New York Traffic Laws

Changes are coming to New York traffic laws at the beginning of this year. How will these changes affect you and other motorists on the road? Read on for the answer from the New York City traffic ticket attorneys at Gannes & Musico, LLP!

Window Tinting Must Pass a Test

For a while now, it has been illegal to tint your windows darker than 30% (meaning 70% of light passes through), but there was no real regulation to prevent people from doing so. That is changing, however. As of January 1, 2017, all cars with tinted windows must undergo a test to ensure the window tinting complies with regulations.

Read more about the new window tinting test requirement in this other blog post.

Emergency & Law Enforcement Vehicles Must Slow Down for Stopped Emergency & Law Enforcement Vehicles

“Wait… did I read that right?” Yes, you did. In the past, police cruisers, ambulances, fire trucks, and other such vehicles could speed on by an officer writing someone a ticket or an ambulance stopped at the scene of an accident. That is about to change.

Starting on January 17, 2017, police and emergency response vehicles must slow down and change lanes when passing a stopped law enforcement or emergency vehicle – just like all other motorists have been required to do for years.

Need a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in New York City?

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