Why Fight Speeding Tickets?

More than 41,000,000 speeding tickets are given every year in America, which means one in every six drivers will receive a speeding ticket this year. Unfortunately, most recipients believe they have no recourse against their speeding tickets, but that’s not true. In this blog post, you’ll learn why you should fight speeding tickets with experienced defense.

Paying a Ticket Is the Same as Admitting Guilt

Maybe you’d prefer to keep it simple and pay the fine for your speeding ticket, but paying for a ticket is essentially the same thing as admitting guilt. You shouldn’t have to admit guilt for something you didn’t do, so you shouldn’t pay for a ticket you didn’t deserve.

Many Tickets Have Errors

Many speeding tickets have errors, but people pay them anyway because they don’t realize that the ticket had mistakes on it.

Different traffic ticket errors include:

  • Wrong or illegible traffic code on the citation;
  • Ticket that’s not filled out completely;
  • Incorrect driver’s license information;
  • Incorrect vehicle information.

Cops Are Pressured to Give Tickets

In 2015, NPR released an article talking about quota-based policing. In the article, a recorded conversation exposes a sergeant as he tells his subordinates to get their ticket numbers up, or else they may be forced to increase the quota.

Based on this fact, you may want to fight your speeding ticket on the principle that it may have been given to meet a quota.

Experienced Representation Is a Phone Call Away

If you want to fight your speeding ticket with an experienced attorney by your side, Gannes & Musico is here to help. Our award-winning firm has helped thousands of clients fight for their rights, and we can help you fight for yours.

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