Is Every Speeding Ticket Fair?

Speeding tickets are headaches that nobody wants to deal with, but most drivers receive them at some point in their driving career. As police officers give tickets in a seemingly infinite number of circumstances, it makes you wonder if every ticket is given fairly. Unfortunately, there is evidence that suggests that some speeding tickets are subjective and unfair to drivers.

Speeding Ticket Quotas

A traffic violation quota is when a police officer must give an assigned number of traffic violation tickets to citizens or face consequences. While the existence of traffic violation quotas has been highly debated over the years, many officers have come forward and said that to keep their jobs, they had to meet these unwritten quotas.

If these quotas are real, this creates a major ethical dilemma for the issuance of traffic tickets. If officers are required to give traffic tickets for monetary gain, this automatically calls into question the authenticity of the ticketing process. Assuming the hypothetical is true, officers may feel pressured to force tickets to hit deadlines, maintain positions, or receive recognition.

Therefore, under these circumstances, the main purpose of the ticket isn’t for justice, but for profit, making it inherently unfair.

The subjectivity of Speeding Tickets

Cops often use radar guns to clock drivers’ speeds, but sometimes, they pull “speeders” over without hard evidence. In these scenarios, cops ask drivers why they think they were pulled over, hoping they will say they were speeding.

If drivers say they don’t know why they were pulled over, some cops will lie and say they caught them speeding, even though they have no hard evidence to back it up. At this point, officers may feel obligated to give speeding tickets to drivers simply because they pulled them over.

Unfortunately, these circumstances can make speeding tickets unfair.

Did You Receive an Unfair Speeding Ticket?

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