Remote Traffic Ticket Lawyer during NYC Traffic Bureaus Closure


DMV offices have been closed due to COVID-19 concerns. As a result, many people dealing with traffic violations will find it much more difficult to go out and deal with a ticket, making it important to work with a New York City traffic ticket attorney as soon as possible. If you live in New York City, odds are the DMV office in your community has been closed to the public. If you have a pending ticket, it could be harder than ever to take care of it.

In locations where people are not prohibited from entering a DMV office, there will be heavy delays due to rules that limit too many people from standing closely together at one time. Virus concerns will also result in major delays for ticket and violation processing; those who want to pay a ticket or fight it will have a much harder time doing so.

Deal with Your Ticket Remotely

These DMV and TVB closures are being ordered so that people stay home and avoid transmitting Coronavirus. The good news is that an experienced New York City traffic ticket attorney can work directly with these traffic offices to help prevent a ticket from going on your driving record without you having to leave your home.

Gannes & Musico, LLP has represented clients for decades, and their team is familiar with the right channels to make sure each client gets the best possible outcome for their situation during these challenging times. You don't have to risk infection in order to fight a ticket. Call (877) 803-2603 now or contact a New York City traffic ticket attorney online to get started on protecting your driving privileges.