New York State Police Crack Down on Speeding

New York State Police have announced they will officially be on the lookout for speeding drivers, as this is all part of an initiative to keeping the people of the city safer. State Troopers in both marked and unmarked cars will be pulling over more people than usual for speeding, as part of Governor Cuomo’s “Speed Week.” This harkens back to the first “Speed Week” which took place in June, in which New York State police officers worked nearly 22,000 speeding tickets.

It is expected this month’s “Speed Week” will bring in just as many speeding tickets, if not more. Staying safe on the roads is essential, as is staying vigilant when you know police are targeting something specific. Governor Cuomo is quoted on his website, stating:

“Speeding and reckless driving is unsafe and the cause of far too many avoidable tragedies…I urge all New Yorkers to drive responsibly, stay within the speed limit and join us in helping to keep our roads safe for motorists, passengers and pedestrians alike.”

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