Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • NY Police Officers on a Mission to End Texting While Driving

    New Yorkers are glued to their phones and behind the wheel it is no different. Texting while driving tickets increased by 50 percent last year in all five boroughs, due to increased penalties and heightened enforcement. In 2014, nearly 50,000 drivers in New York City received a ticket for using their phone. A year prior, that number barely tipped 30,000. Distracted driving is a problem throughout ...
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  • Multiple Train Collisions Lead to Enforced Penalties for Driver Violations

    Enough is enough, according to federal regulators. After three New York train collisions occurred in the span of just one month, it’s time for the penalties to become more severe for drivers who choose to ignore or violate crossing signals. The Federal Railroad Administration is looking to police departments across the U.S. to harshly punish these offenders. This request came on the heels of the ...
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