Staten Island Drivers Receive Tickets at Fake Traffic Sign

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For a brief time in November of 2016, a traffic sign prohibiting left hand turns popped up in the Staten Island intersection of Arden and Woodrow. The only problem? The sign was a fake. This fact, however, did not stop local police from issuing tickets to drivers who, disregarding the sign, made left hand turns.

Locals familiar with the area’s traffic rules began to contact city officials and the influx of public calls prompted Councilman Joe Borelli to take action. After an investigation by the Department of Transportation (DOT), it was determined that the sign was indeed a fake and that no such prohibition on left turns existed at that intersection. Unfortunately, the story does not end here.

Despite being armed with letters from the DOT, some drivers were shocked to discover that they were still being ordered to pay fines. When questioned during NBC 4’s coverage of the story, the Department of Motor vehicles indicated that drivers who believe they were wrongfully convicted must appeal within 30 days. For many who were ticketed, that deadline has passed. At least one driver interviewed by NBC 4 plans to fight the citation, hoping a judge will agree that a fake sign should not give officers the authority to issue tickets.

The true origin of the problematic sign is anyone’s guess and only time will tell how this story will play out. For more information on traffic news and laws, stay tuned to our legal blog or follow us on social media.

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